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Thread: Wheels are no good, I'm stuck.....

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    Wheels are no good, I'm stuck.....

    Wheels are no good, I'm stuck..... on an island. If you start out on an island surrounded by one of the deeper seas, wheels are no good at all. They barely drive underwater. You can go down into the sea, but never go up again. The wheels lose their grip totally on the sand or the current is too strong We need something that floats as well, since starting on an island is very likely now. I'm trying to build a bridge now, but seeing that the closest mainland from me is at least 600 meters, I doubt I'll get there without being able to place pillars, due to the depth of the sea.

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    hihi.. I have already drowned two 8-wheeled mobile bases being not cautious enough near the sea shore.. :-))

    +1 here for some kind of floating vehicle - hover craft would be great for this :-) or maybe that cute quadrocopter from one of the older trailers?

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