I used the same seed as previous games ("Pandora"), and the experience was completely different due to terrain generation. I started on a little round ledge on a cliff above water. Probably could have just jumped down and swam around in the water to a different point on the land, but going the other way, I could not jet-pack jump high enough to get to the top of the cliff, which was just a higher ledge on the side of a mountain, really. So I started mining a tunnel up to a higher level. That worked, but the whole region is very mountainous, so I have not found a good place to build yet. Decided to just start building on the side of a mountain for now.

Overall, the performance was up, could run with more things turned on, depending how much FPS loss I was willing to accept (turned on everything and it was passable, but my system is moderately high end, so a little more performance tweaks would be nice). Finding the terrain to be a challenge has been a bonus overall, though some might not like the wildness of it. It's pretty random where I'm at, but pretty, too.

Currently, building is a little weird, with the feedback being a little vague of where to aim to get a piece snapped to another piece. There is the current color change of the outline, but maybe if there was a highlight on the piece to which you want to snap onto, it would help.