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Thread: What Do You Think? Everything 3D printed

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    Question What Do You Think? Everything 3D printed

    I believe that having everything 3D printed is a major creativity bottleneck. I think that the environment as a whole should be exploited so that people can build out of wood and stone. Now we all donít want another minecraft! But I think a fusion of 3D printed and environment based building would give the game more of the survival edge as well as greatly enhance the look and feel of the game. I donít like that everything is so SHINEY, we are on an Alien planet with the main goal to survive! 3D printing everything would not be an option.

    Now building a vehicle should be 3D printed, and maybe even some complex structures. But with so much physics to play around with I think some opportunities are being missed. I once saw someone create a working windmill, and that makes you feel that creatively there is so much opportunity. Shouldnít we be able to cook on a fire, or build traps for animals (Hole, sharp sticks, cover with grass), or easily create platforms for building complex structures, or even just defensive walls from predators.

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    No thanks. I really don't need another minecraft, grav, ark or whatever survival game clone. This game offers some cool new concepts, let's keep it that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by victorbb View Post
    Shouldn’t we be able to cook on a fire, or build traps for animals (Hole, sharp sticks, cover with grass),
    Nope, that is "stone age" technology and you are hi-tech nomad and for what would you use spike traps etc, it really dont fit in this game, energy shields on other hand, working like big transparent wall blocking unwanted visitors or even zaps them on contact and ability to turn it on and off, well... ;)

    I will theorize a bit now, but in real world, science advances to state where we as humans here on Earth will soon "3D print" everithing too, ideally pushing forward to matter replicator like it was on Star Trek for example (but that one uses theory about matter = energy, that is really top tech making stuff just from energy and this I would love in RL, but not in this game). PN uses similar technology and I like it. When devs add more 3D printer variations(more so if they got some nice idea beside faster and more material effective ones) , I will be happy. ( we dont know devs plan on what they will add to game, but I suggest there wont be only one , even while we have armory and medbay - another type of printer, but rarely used compared to 3D printer).

    Also as we are making stuff right from raw ore, we loose one production chain as we dont have to rafinery it first, thats ok, yet for diversity purpose I wont mind something like it which I put in my mining vehicle. It would serve for getting rid of unwanted stuff in that raw ore, which final product will be more dense thus saving inventory space. You will never find pure iron in nature, it will always have garbage in it you dont want - or is that multitool soo smart and powerfull it collect only pure matter? I hope not as I loose one fun part of material processing chain .
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