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Thread: Nomadic Journals #10 Survive Today

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    Nomadic Journals #10 Survive Today

    To all our Alpha Nomads out there – the long awaited survival update to the alpha branch has arrived!

    To start with a warning – this update will delete all your previous saves so proceed with caution. For that reason we have made the update opt-in only.

    1) Go to your Steam Library
    2) Right click on Planet Nomads, select Properties
    3) Go to BETAS tab and select’closed_alpha-survival_update’


    Getting Your Keys for Public Launch

    Nomads who haven’t backed at the Alpha tier and higher – it’s just a little longer till you play now. Exactly three weeks and three days. Planet Nomads will launch as Early Access on Steam and Games in Development on GOG on 18th April.

    We know this can get confusing between alpha and Early Access, but these days Early Access is considered open beta.

    You’re going to receive your keys in an e-mail from us on 18th April. So you can grab the code, activate it and play the game right away.

    STEAM or GOG?

    There is no difference in the way Planet Nomads are played and updated Steam and GOG. It can be played offline on both platforms. Still, we know some of you prefer GOG over Steam and we’re here to assist with that.

    Sometime next week, we’ll be sending out an e-mail survey your way. If you want GOG key, please select GOG in the e-mail. If you want STEAM key, select STEAM or don’t do anything at all – Steam keys will be sent out as default.

    Watch Planet Nomads Taking Shape

    In any case, check the 10th episode of Nomadic Journals where we sum up all the new content coming in today’s update and have a great time!

    Alpha Feedback

    As for our Alpha Nomads – you know the drill. Post your feedback on the current state of the alpha. Time and difficulty balances, user experience and friendliness of the controls and GUIs. We need your input to improve Planet Nomads.

    Use the alpha forum and be specific with your thoughts.

    Thank you and enjoy the new update. We wish you as little dying as possible.

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    Sorry for the delay in making this thread. Caught up in the alpha bug reports. All good now!

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