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Thread: [HIGH PRIORITY] Stasis pod disappeared

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    [HIGH PRIORITY] Stasis pod disappeared

    Game Version: 0.4.2
    OS: Ubuntu 16.10
    Simple Description: Stasis pod disappeared some time after it fell in a hole
    Detailed Description: The game started with the resources partially under the stasis pod. Digging out the resources freed the stasis pod, which fell in the hole. Not really a problem and it still worked. But later in the next day it was nowhere to be found. I looked around for as far as my stamina let me, but if it glitched/jumped away, it was too far to find it again. Since this effectively ends your game, this shouldn't be possible.
    Reproducibility: Unknown
    How to Reproduce: Unknown
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    Hmm, it may have fallen "through the ground". Looking into it.
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