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Thread: I paid 9th October 2016

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    Thumbs up I paid 9th October 2016

    I paid 9th October 2016 and nothing of the game and neither the Alpha I received, one is this my game?

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    Hello Alce, first of all thanks for preordering Planet Nomads. The game is not available yet, but will be launching on 18th April. On this day you'll receive your key to activate and play the game.

    Currently Planet Nomads is only available for people who backed on Alpha level / preordered the alpha tier. We know it's confusing with the terms alpha, beta and Early Access flowing around like crazy. Sorry about.

    The good news is that everything is going as planned and you'll be able to play in three weeks.

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    Thanks for clearing this up also had early access, so that means that I still have something to look out for :P

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