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Thread: So i did some blueprint drawings.....

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    Lightbulb So i did some blueprint drawings.....

    ......and I'd like to hear some general feedback about them (tips, what are things I could improve, name suggestions, etc.)
    [note: I'm new to forums, so I am not 100% sure whether this belongs here or in the off-topic discussions]
    The scale for all these drawings is the same: 1 box on paper = 1 block in-game
    (i had to resize the pictures so they could be uploaded, so they may be hard to read;
    I've still got the original 2544x3504px files, so I might add a dropbox link if anyone is interested in that)

    For this one, I wanted to make a rover with 3 cockpits and ended up with an orbital spaceship.

    In this one, I tried to create a door that could swing open, so it could be used for hangar doors and (maybe?) drawbridges.

    Here, I tried to create a rather flat, tank-like vehicle, that is designed for flat, desert-y areas.

    This is a 10-wheeled rover, that utilises hinges and rotors to make turning easier. Additionally, there is the idea to add a drill to the front to dig some mining tunnels.

    This exploration hovercraft is designed to be flying fast at low altitude, with little storage space for rare materials you might find.

    The purpose of this hovercraft is to transport containers similar to the ones in the building editor from point A to point B, for example from one base to another one.

    I honestly don't know what this is supposed to be, it's some kind of spinning cylinder, similar to a hamster wheel.
    However, I have no idea what this could be useful for.
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    I can't read everything, but I get the general idea and I like it. Good ideas, now let's hope they blocks you need will be included. I always make a mental image of what I want to create, but this is a good way of doing things!

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