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Thread: Early Access Packed with Creative and Survival Modes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankol23pl View Post
    I've been playing Empyrion and I saw Hellion becouse relise a few day ago...I hope that it will soon come out Planets Nomads and it quickly... otherwise no one will be interested in this game ! ...
    It's coming in April, by then everyone will be done playing Hellion. Don't forget one thing, Hellion is a bit of a different game. While Planet Nomads focusses on survival through building, Hellion does not offer that. Also, Hellion is a MMO, while Planet Nomads offers single player and in time to come multiplayer. Different games and perhaps even a bit of a different audience. Plenty of people that like scifi games, but are totaly not into MMO's. I don't see this game influencing Planet Nomads too much at all.

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    I agree with Benjamin. The games are very different with very different focus.

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    I have to agree with Benjamin i have got HELLION and to say its more a space simulator than a survival through building you just fix damaged pods and ships the only thing close to planet nomads is the fact you can mine resources in Hellion but apart from that everything else is different and HELLION is very difficult and right now riddled with bugs i think it need at least few months just to have a smooth game play.

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