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Thread: Nomadic Journals #8 Survival Mechanics and Early Access Release Schedule

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    Nomadic Journals #8 Survival Mechanics and Early Access Release Schedule
    Hello Nomads,In the last blog post, we’ve let you know the details of the Early Access launch. In this episode of Nomadic Journals, we’re going to show you the progress being made on the survival part of Planet Nomads.

    Thanks to jdemacek the Rarest Material Now Has Its Name

    We’ve run a naming contest for the most precious building material that can be found in Planet Nomads.

    The winner is “jdemacek”. We’ve taken his proposed name, made it just a wee bit more alienish with the mighty X, and so from now on all Nomads will be craving to find a rich vein of Xaenite.

    The jokester prize goes undeniably to “talitore” for “Orgasmium. Should represent the feeling you get when you find it.”

    Congratulations guys, please get in touch so you can collect your prizes!
    More to come, Nomads, more to come.

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    That's a cool deer Thanks for the update..... I'm sure we all aprove of it!

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    I'm looking forward to the release, and hope I don't miss out on access to the game because I didn't preorder from the site. I don't use paypal anymore as a rule of thumb. If it's an issue, I hope you allow preordering from Steam soon so I can participate.

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    planet nomads?? sounds more like planet death! cant wait ;D
    Wazbat say's "Oh Nomad Dave isn't affiliated with Planet Nomads or Craneballs" witch is very true all I have is the game

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    It's out on Steam.....has been for a little while now

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