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Thread: CONTEST: Name the Rarest Building Material, Win an Alpha Key

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    Lightbulb CONTEST: Name the Rarest Building Material, Win an Alpha Key

    UPDATE: Congratulations to jdemacek and talitore.

    Hello Nomads, it's contest time!

    We need a name for a very special and very rare alien element and we thought you might enjoy an alpha key for Planet Nomads. What do you think?

    Consider yourself a brave scientist, who just discovered this element and can give it a name!

    The element can only be found in the most dangerous of places. In its pure form, the material is a unique source of energy. When refined and combined with other elements, it improves their original mechanical, chemical, thermal and electric properties.

    It is often the material used in the ancient alien monuments you will find scattered on the planets you explore.

    So, put in the name worth of this material. And vote for your favorites (use the "winner" button for each post). The most voted name gets the prize and gets into the game. So vote wisely!

    Oh and Nomads, no unobtanium please - that's our working title already.

    Deadline: Depends on the entries. Ending will be announced three days in advance.

    Rules: One word names.

    BONUS: Feel more like a jokester than element discoverer? Make a funny name. We will select the funniest one internally and reward the namer with an alpha key as well!

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