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Thread: Alpha - Some Bugs That Should Be Addressed - Some that should become features

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    Alpha - Some Bugs That Should Be Addressed - Some that should become features

    Hello Nomads,

    I started out on Alpha recently after seeing many videos of what is possible. I wanted to do something different and it was an eye opener. I wanted to build a mountain base, as in a base embedded in a mountain. As soon as this is done I will send a video but it is proving quite a challenge to complete. The overall design is digging deep into a mountain, then dig up to have a second access point for the base. The finished design will utilise stairs from the top entrance all the way down to the base where an exit can be seen straight out the mountain side.

    1) Digging in any direction is very confusing as little helps you to identify up and down. Also when digging it is hard to get back out as you have such a small drill to remove so much material so you often get stuck due to material overhead.
    2) Digging up was not really an option because of the above, so I needed to find a point on top of the mountain to dig down to the base and meet the two points. I found a bug with the beacon which helped a lot.
    3) Building the stairs and trying to get access to the material that needed to be removed was very difficult because of the small distance you can drill away from the character. Another bug was exploited where you can place the stairs inside the rock and then drill them out.
    4) Jet pack does not allow you to hover to drill, you always need a place to land. Maybe this should be changed for creative mode?

    Bugs That should be features:
    1) Using the beacon underground send the light beam through rock. This allowed me to plan where to dig down to find my base.
    2) I placed stairs inside the rock. Then uncovered the stairs with the drill which allowed me to get to the places I couldn't otherwise reach.

    1) Removing all rock around a point can leave floating rocks in place. Some times these can be small but it looks silly having floating debris.
    2) Removing all the dirt under a plant leaves a floating plant.

    1) Power points take space that should be ceiling mounted or fit comfortably in the prefab panels.
    2) Drill equipment or mechanisms to make drills vehicle mounted, something that makes drilling big holes easy.
    3) Prefabs are great, but it still takes a very long time to put stuff together. Maybe there should be a planning mode with a sort of blue print view that allows you to build from a top down view instead of being limited by the nomads line of sight?
    4) A lift would be very useful rather than stairs.

    Some things to consider for creative mode:
    1) Ability to manipulate water.
    2) drill in Jet pack mode.
    3) Ability to hover.
    4) fly through rock. A no clip mode?

    Thanks Nomads :-)

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    just ponting out...

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    Biggest bug that needs addressing is the hang at generating world screen bug, and after months of trying this game, sooner would be better at this stage.

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