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Thread: Falling through space after a while

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    Lightbulb Falling through space after a while

    Game Version:0.3
    OS: Windows 10
    Simple Description: After a while travelling , i found myself falling into space
    Detailed Description: Decided to go from North to South with a vehicle, so i travelled in straight line when first i got an "insufficient memory available" error message, well this is yet known, so i canceled and continued playing , after a while the trees become like floating in the air and in a sprite version, not anymore in 3d, i continued and suddenly the vehicle jumped on a flat surface ( weird ) and a few seconds later it falled through the ground and "teleported" into space
    Reproducibility: Perhaps if you have a memory leak warning and be able to play you can come across this bug.
    How to Reproduce: Travel , have a insufficient memory available error message and continue playing if you can, then see if this thing happens.
    Any additional information: n/a
    Log file:
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    May want to post about this in the memory leak thread instead. This sounds like it's directly caused by said leak, and it not loading any more terrain. Once that's sorted then I'd expect this to not happen either
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