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    Alpha Feedback

    Few hours into the alpha, some feedback:

    - Game seems to be subject to some performances issues, probably linked to the amount of rendered objects (tested on Ultra, Medium and Low - Low did improve the performances, but not significantly [running a GTX980, i5-4690K, 16GB RAM])

    - I find night to be too dark - driving around using external lamps at nighttime is a nightmare, as 75% of the screen is totally black and the rest is almost white

    - Building a vehicle on a non-flat terrain will probably result in some parts being stuck in the ground, although they are technically still attached to the vehicle. This might be a feature but it is extremely annoying, as sometimes the part being stuck does not even touch the ground

    - Character can be trapped quite easily between parts of vehicle and will then stays floating in mid-air with the jetpack on, unable to move until one of the parts is removed

    - Managed to bring down a tree by ramming it, which caused the vehicle to be stuck in the fallen tree and the game to freeze for 15 seconds

    - Was not able to find a vehicle build that would actually be efficient: it seems that wheels lack friction/traction. Sometimes, the car will suddenly reach speeds of 40-50 KPH (decaying fast) but mostly, travelling is about taking forever to climb hills and wondering why you cannot reach 25 KPH on flat terrain

    - Extremely dense forests are frustrating. Especially when they are located on a hill. At nighttime. Going around them is tedious, going inside is worse (taking down trees leave holes in the ground that are very hard to drive off)

    - Some glowing small plants cannot be ran over or crushed. They will stop the vehicle immediately, rendering most travels in dense forests impossible.

    Aside from that, this 0.3 build looks good, future is promising !
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