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Thread: Memory leak (?) that causes the game to bug?

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    Memory leak (?) that causes the game to bug?

    Hey boys i was having fun with a custom buggy, i rolled for a bit then i heard a windows warning ; i played a bit more and alt+tabbed to see the error message : "insufcient memory" wtf?! I have 12Gb ram! Wen to see task manager... and it missed some tabs (see screenshot) and... wtf 6Gb ram used by nomads? Holy snap! Then i went back to the gam¨e, and i had no obstacle working (trees) they were low-res, i could go trhough them. And eventuelly i reacked a non-solid groudn. I have taken a screenshot.
    Wtf moment xD

    Screnshot : (bugged task maanger plus me falling)
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    Hey Poke,

    There is already a post regarding the memory leak issue and next time you report a bug please follow the format to report bugs.
    Here's the link for the memory leak issue that others are having:

    Here's the link for the proper format for bugs:

    There's no fix yet but the good thing is that if the more people have this issue, the more likely it is going to be addressed in an upcoming update.
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    Cheers solo

    You may want to post this in that thread too Pokexpert. The more data the better.
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