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Thread: Erratic vehicle behavior.

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    Erratic vehicle behavior.

    I had created a little buggy, and drove it for a bit, loads of fun, and the mechanics behind it are great, but after I had been driving I noticed that a block was missing, so I went and added it on, however, once I did this the buggy dropped down into the ground partway and the wheels looked like they were no longer attached, but they still functioned like normal.

    After taking a wheel off, the buggy fell into the ground some more, and when I put the wheel back on, it was stuck in the ground, and after applying power to it, it failed to turn ,so I had to go on without it. Don't know if this is intended, or if this has already been reported, just something I ran into, no pun intended.
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    Sounds strange. Can you get a picture or a video on it?
    If so you should make a bug report thread on it.
    Did you have any lights on it?

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    hey tell me if im wrong , but arent the larger vehicles bugged?

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