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Thread: Your ideas for making PN better

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    Hello martinsustek,

    Thank you very much for your answer. I then need to clarify some aspects, which I, apparently, explained not completely.

    > I talked about these problems (your paragraph 1) because I came across them.
    The situation was as follows. At this first base, only solar panels and batteries are used. At this time, I was near the north pole on the border of two biomes, where I just founded a fort post (a small base) that was mining zeonite, titanium, gold and uranium. It was supplied with energy by nuclear reactors, which had to work indefinitely, because pure uranium mined several mining machines and immediately the refinery processed them into enriched uranium. At least when I flew back to the first base, more than 108 hours were written on each of the four generators. Has left empty both mountain machines, and the big containers.
    Returning to the first base, I found out that all (more than 30) batteries are discharged, and they started charging only when I arrived. For all that long time when I spent on the first base, they never discharged. Their minimum charge before dawn was usually 50-55% with full load of all functional units. And when I returned to the northern base, I was surprised to find 1, 2 and 3 resources in the inventory of mining machines and they did not get anything for what I did them. And the resource of the generators was not exhausted, either. All the same 108-odd hours.
    Here it is worthwhile to clarify that I had these problems in 0.9.1 and in the first release of Therefore, I doubt that when the rollback was reversed, this problem was solved, as was the problem with dumping some of the canceled resources for mining in a mining machine, but I will check these bugs as soon as I have time to play.
    Therefore, I have a question, in what form do I need to load the save with a bug? How will your colleagues understand and verify what resources have been dumped by themselves? What do I need to specify?

    > Distribution of resources, radar and flexible settings of the game world
    I'm glad to hear that you, the developers, are engaged in a rebalancing of the distribution of resources. But I do not agree with the fact that it is in the distribution of resources that there must be a challenge to the player. In my opinion, the game should challenge the player with external dangers and weather conditions and, possibly, the search for some really rare resources (for example, at the moment they could be zeonite and uranium). And I basically talked about mixing the distribution zones of resources 1, 2 and 3 levels in some ratio. And it would be useful here some tool for their search (metal detector).
    If we talk about a small radar, in my opinion, it would not be a big relief for the player. I was talking about a radar that shows ore deposits if they are aimed at them with a radar. The field of the deposit that the tool would display would not be larger than the one that the multi-tool is digging. And, no, I had no problems with the search for a certain resource, you misunderstood me. Or rather, I did not explain it. Just then it would not be necessary as now to plow the entire area of ​​a certain area of ​​the surface in order to find in this place all the deposits of metals and advantageously put the base-outpost. There is an unpleasant problem - for such a land character simply can not move normally. And such a large area of ​​"plowed" land looks ugly.
    If we talk about a large radar, then such a radar should appear in the late stages of the game, and it would not significantly affect its progress.
    But, it seems to me, you should not focus only on one single model of resource distribution, whatever you try to come up with. You would not be bothered to add a drop-down list in the menu for creating a new game world, in which there will be a number of variants of generating the world in terms of distribution of resources. And only then, getting statistics from the players, in which model of the world they play the most (or hold inside the gaming survey), choose the best one or throw out a few unsuccessful ones. Perhaps this will help you save time for something more important.

    > Small mining machines.
    Yes, I already realized that I did not say at all why I personally would like to see them in the game.
    First of all, because the initial stage of the game after a while is not so much hardcore as ... tedious . The first half an hour to run for crystals and nuggets, digging the field is still acceptable and interesting. But after that, especially when the demand for construction increases dramatically, and the skewing over the consumed resources is more and more obvious (well, I do not know where I have to put so much silicon, and every mechanical part consumes 3 units of iron), then the search for resources already turns into routine. Perhaps they will not be cheap, or they will dig more slowly in addition to what I wrote in the previous post, but they would at least partially help get rid of the routine of searching and extracting resources at the initial stage.
    But you did not say anything specifically about the water pump, in addition to the fact that it will get to the general rebalancing of the blocks. A small pump at the moment would be exactly needed, because a large water pump appears only at level 3. I wrote earlier that I consider it unfair. But you know better how to deal with it.

    In general, I absolutely agree with you that first of all you need to fix bugs, and only then add new content to the game. I think that the game has huge problems with optimization and it is necessary to deal with this problem until the code becomes bigger and it will become much more difficult to deal with it.
    But I'm not asking you to do what I wrote (except for bugs) as soon as possible (although I would like to ). I would very much like that my advice and suggestions in principle at least somehow helped you, or, perhaps, you would use them. But, again, you know better how your project will develop further. I just want to help you make this game better.

    Thank you for your previous reply and again I wish you good luck and success in developing the Planets Nomads.
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    I rather like the idea of the small mining machine, but I'd take it one step further as a "starter" kind of block - what if it's a variation of the solar beacon? A small unit, solar powered, a bit fatter than the solar beacon, that can be set down on a vein and it will slowly accumulate a single selected ore, with a max storage capacity of 1-2 stacks. It should be a little more costly to build than the beacon (maybe more mechanical parts), but it would be a nice option to set down and let it slowly gather ore WITHOUT having to massively tear up the landscape in that play window between just starting out with only the multi-tool, and being established and able to build actual miners and storage networks. An inefficient but useful stop-gap measure.

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    Cool My "Two Cents" worth...

    Well, I have finally mapped the entire planet and found that I am the only survivor. Zoiks, what to do next?!

    Here are some suggestions for new blocks:
    • Pistons of varying lengths which connect to other blocks on the ends. Each could be powered to extend with a switch on and retract with a switch off. They could come in 3 speeds of extending/retracting with slow, medium and fast action and could be set to automatic.
    • Basic blocks in glass. Most of the basic blocks (full armor block, armor slope, arc block, etc.) could come in a glass version requiring glass components.
    • Small Functional Hinges. While the rotating joint has its uses, making functional swinging gates with them is quite difficult. Hinges could be powered like pistons and would work with an automatic setting like the lights.
    • A Ramp-sized Armor Corner Block. Pretty simple--a ramp-sized block that functions like an armor corner block.
    • Decorative Items. Having several different kinds of chairs, furniture, and faux technology (monitors, control panels, blinking lights, etc.) would have made my many bases across the planet very homey.
    • Ladders and/or Ship's Stairs. Anything smaller and more convenient than the current stairs block which is large and clumsy. Something that will fit in the size of a ceiling panel block. That would also mean creating some avatar animation to go up and down.
    • Pulleys and longer Winch Lines. There were a couple if times I would have liked to have a pulley to change the direction of the line between a winch and shackle. Perhaps a pulley could have settings to increase the pull strength of the winch?
    • A Major Battery. Like the battery, only bigger and more suited for base construction.
    • Interior Wall with Window. It doesn't even have to be a glass window, it could be like an opening or pass-through.

    And other ideas:

    • MTN (major and minor)--Matter Transfer Nodes. Requiring advanced components, the MTN could be set up in a single location and act like a longer range conveyor connector and storage container link. All storage containers, conveyor connectors, and item dispensers would be automatically linked within a modest range. A minor MTN could have a range of 10 meters and a major could have a range of 30 meters.
    • Subsurface Scanner. I set-up mining outposts across the planet when I found sites rich in resources and marked them with a "G" on a solar beacon. Each time I landed, I would use my multi-tool to take samples across the area with mixed results. If I found a rich site, I would place down a mining rig, power it up, and check to see what resources it would mine and the percentages. Now, if I had a subsurface scanner, I could build it on a site, and it could scan the area, detect what resources a mining rig would detect with the percentages of each mineral and the depth and direction of the deposit--very Sci Fi!
    • Vehicle Auto-Pilot. More than just an auto-fly key, this could include a map marking feature that would fly the vehicle to a marked destination.

    So I guess I better get started trying to communicate with someone or launching myself back into space !
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    I would love to see space travel and space stations. space is cool and fun maybe some sort of AI pirate and defense for your ship and doors for a garage thank you if you add any of it

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