Just like the title suggests, we need stronger generators.
I know about the slow-neutral-fast speed on the wheels, but even that isn't enough.

I had a car with 6 wheels and 4 generators, lightweight. It could only move at around 50 kph. That's way to slow for a car with 4 generators and 6 'fast' wheels. And uphill it's even worse. sometimes only 10 kph, or not even able to climb it

I think a new generator/wheel, that'd be (In survival) harder and expensive to make, but it'd be capible to climb mountains fast and with ease and that would not be stuck on a little bush.

It'd also allow greater speeds (without glitching =P) to explore the planet better, and make it more fun. I think that 120-250 kph while going straight forward on flat ground (4 'new' generators+, 6 wheels on fast) should be more realistic.

Or fix the current one. I'm alright with that.