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Thread: Vehicle Slippage on Flat Terrain

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    Vehicle Slippage on Flat Terrain

    Game Version: 0.3.1
    OS: Win 10 Home, 64bit
    Simple Description: Vehicle slides along ground in motion and stationary
    Detailed Description: During drive and turning the vehicle has too much slip in traction. Likewise when stopped the is residual movement along the ground that is not realistic. Grip of tires (tyres) needs to be increased
    Reproducibility: Every time
    How to Reproduce: I assume, just explore around?
    Any additional information: None
    Wyatt Earp Out!

    System Specs:
    OS: Windows 10 Home
    x64 based PC
    Processor: Intel Core i7-4500 CPU @1.80 GHz, 2401 Mhz
    Memory: 8.0 GB

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    This is less of a bug, and more a bad game mechanic. There's some feedback threads about wheel traction too. Quite a few people think wheels slide too much. Maybe dynamic traction based on speed would be better? Grippier the slower you're going?
    Moved to feedback

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    Slippage shouldn't really be a thing unless the terrain itself is conductive to it (e.g, mud, oil-slicked, etc), the wheel's themselves are covered in a slippery material (e.g, oil), the weight of the vehicle is so massive it causes weak terrain to distort under it, or the vehicle is traveling so fast without enough meaningful weight it begins to 'take off' from the ground.

    Those are about the only natural feeling causes that come to mind, if that helps. As it stands the vehicles currently feel more like they're using skates than wheels.
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