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Thread: Cursor Icon when building

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    Cursor Icon when building

    Hey guys, just got back home from my trip and grabbed this immediately to test. I did have one suggestion in regards to the view cursor on the screen when building. It is a little white circle which is fine, but when building, it can often become hard to see it as it blends in with the color of the blocks you are building. It would be cool if the color of the cursor changes when selecting building materials so that it doesn't blend in with colors of the blocks, maybe it can become more highlighted. It would make it so much more easier to see where you're placing blocks especially when you stand further back to place a large number of blocks.

    This is especially a problem at night when using the flashlight.

    I can't post a screenshot to show you because this forum won't allow image attachments larger than 97kb and my screenshot is about 300kb...
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    There was another thread about this too, they suggested a black outline for the cursor. I personally don't see too much issue with it though.

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    You can always upload screenshots to imgur, then put the image url in the [img][/img] tags

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