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Thread: Buggy flipped over

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    Buggy flipped over

    is there a way to flip the buggy back to its wheels I went upside down driving the rover like I stole it and flipped over

    I built a 6x6 wheels with 6 generators each generator powers 2 wheels = each wheel has 2 power source I got no problem with speed or climbing hills and it goes pretty straight compared to my first attempt with 4 wheels 2 gens I have removed all rover lights as I found that lights glitch and makes the buggy dance and shake all over the place

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    Try putting other blocks on your Buggy until their weight pulls your vehicle back into the operating Position. In other words: Make a game out of it!

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    I flipped repeatedly with different vehicles. I tried the techniques of building onto the vehicle to flip it over, but the problem was that once it got flipped, it was highly unstable. I launched two vehicles into space with the suspension going super-critical.

    I also tried a 12-wheeler, 6 down, 6 up. A six wheeler with steering front and back works very well, but a 12 wheeler, intended to work even if flipped, became too unstable with the suspension going near-critical and just walking the vehicle around with all the bouncing. I imagine that running into something with it would cause it to go super-critical fairly easily.

    After that, I just gave up and rebuilt the vehicle. For the Alpha, I'd like to see a flip function on vehicles, though this might be turned into a module(s) you need to add to vehicles to apply the function to the vehicle.

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    I'd expect many hilarious situations like that as we make our way through alpha. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the larger vehicle blocks in game, and all the trouble players will get themselves into with mammoth sized toys. We'll all undoubtedly be taking some time over the coming weeks learning how the physics in the game world operate, and reminding ourselves that just about everything we see and interact with is in a very early state of development. Some things just aren't going to work the way we'd expect.

    To answer your specific question though, I don't think there's currently a "magic hand appears and turns your vehicle over" button, and that suits me just fine. I'd rather see the developers spend their time tuning the physics and game world to the point that game play is intuitive and consistent rather than create workarounds that help us forget something is fundamentally broken.

    That said, we've already got some jacks, hinges, and rotors in the game. I expect crafty testers will find many ways to build self-righting mechanisms into their vehicles using the tools they already have at hand. That plus some adaptive, careful driving should keep us more or less on the right path while the devs step the game through alpha to beta and so on.

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