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    Initial feedback

    First of all, great job Craneballs guys in meeting the alpha release date and giving us interesting things to play around with!

    Likes so far:
    Build system - Especially how blocks try to orient themselves to a flat surface automatically.
    Buildvision - Very intuitive, although tweaks like click a generator once then click multiple destinations would be nice, instead of going back to the same generator each time you want to connect something to it.
    Visuals - Got a good starting point with how things look at the moment. No doubt with future optimisation you'll be able to make grass a bit more dense for example.
    Physics - While vehicles can be (understandably, as it's Alpha) very skittish at the moment, I like how weight, centre of mass etc. are taken into account. Would be cool to have a visual representation of this though (think KSP and SimplePlanes).

    Bugs so far:
    Low grip on wheels - Any vehicle I make, no matter how small/large/light/heavy, keeps sliding sideways even on gradual slopes.
    Modifying vehicles that aren't on a jack - Whenever I add or remove blocks on freestanding vehicles, they start jigging about and it gets quite extreme when the vehicle is quite heavy. For example I got flung into space at Mach 2 when adding blocks to a 6-wheeled SUV-type-thing..

    Blocks attached the end of a rotator pass through everything. Granted I only tried this with a few 1x1 blocks which were above 2 generators, the blocks didn't hit the generators, just clipped through them.
    Falling through terrain - I was drilling into the side of a mountain, and when trying to exit the small dent I'd made, fell through the terrain floor into the virtual abyss, never to be seen or heard again. Tragic really

    Aside from that there's a few things other people have picked up on too like plants being as rigid as trees, and the day/night cycle seems a bit fast all the time and weird in how short day or night can be, but then again I don't know my location on the planet so my brain cell doesn't know what cycle to expect after travelling a fair distance.

    It'd be great to have beacons stay visible from further away, and/or have a marker on the compass.

    There's other stuff too but I need to do more testing first to ensure it's not just me being stupid.

    Above all, I'm having fun in what should turn out to be an awesome game!

    ** Oops I missed the obvious sticky (don't hit me please!) - I'll go through the list of reported bugs before posting in the bug subforum though.
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