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Thread: [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] First functinal hyperdrive

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    [Acknowledged][MED PRIORITY] First functinal hyperdrive

    Yup you heard it right. I can travel faster than the speed of light. WITH A CAR!

    This bug is a little different than the other bugs involving bouncing cars

    Game Version: The Alpha
    OS: Windows 10
    Simple Description: Glitch at speeds faster than light to space and crash your game while you're at it.
    Detailed Description: 1. Make a car. Really, any will do. (I'd recommend adding 8+ wheels to overclock your hyperdrive.) 2. Make 1 big line of jacks in any direction (Do like 25 on a row. Adding more will increase your ability to warp.) 3. Place a lot of lamps on your car. (I used the pillar one)4. At the end of your line of jacks, place a few beacons down. They do not have to be powered. but it does look nice (These are the main engines, the more you add, the shorter your journey to the stars will be.(you'll go faster)) 5.Power up the wheels and lamps. 6. Remove the jack below the car and enter your "spaceship's" cockpit. 7. The thrusters will start after some time, it'll start bouncing more and more -DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR AT THIS STAGE, IT'll FLY OFF BY ITSELF, YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN- 8. At an certain point, it'll bounce out of the atmosphere, and start spinning rapidly. Don't worry, the artificial gravity quantum thrusters (Beacons) are staring up. 9. Once the ship is spinning incredible fast, the warp engines will turn on and your speed will reach light speed. 10. Since this is still an prototype, your game will crash.
    Reproducibility: Every time (If you do it right)
    How to Reproduce: See above
    Any additional information: I glitched on purpose. I like glithing.

    SCREENSHOTS: The car I used V.2 Entering Space Activating hyper drive Leaving earth Hyperdrive online Entering Hyperspace Moments before game crash Prototype ship. v.1 (A lot slower)


    ~GOT IT ON TAPE!!!
    Ep. 1 - Launch + Stuck glitch
    Ep. 2 - Acceleration
    Ep. 3 - TOP SPEED!

    (Sorry I wrote it like this. I honestly enjoy these bugs)
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