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Thread: Vehicle suspended above hole in ground

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    Vehicle suspended above hole in ground

    I built my buggy and had set the steering wheels wrong. Oops!
    So I thought I'd mount the vehicle on a jack, delete the front wheels and try again, but I couldn't fit the jack under the buggy.
    So I dug a hole under the buggy and put a jack in it, then dug out the ground under each wheel and the vehicle settled on the jack, freeing each wheel.
    Fixed the steering problem, deleted the jack and leveled out the ground in the hole so each wheel would contact the earth.
    Except that it didn't. The buggy stayed suspended in the air and of course won't move because the wheels aren't in contact with anything.
    Now I have a vehicle suspended above a large hole in the ground!
    sky buggy.jpg

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    Please use the template in the future.
    Looks like it's because you build it with one of the wheels/blocks touching the ground. This is less of a bug and more of a game design choice. The real bug here is the fact that blocks don't check if they're not touching anything to no longer become static.
    You should create a thread on that if there isn't one.
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