First off I'd like to offer big grats to team craneballs! Even this early alpha stage is quite impressive. The graphics look great, the motion and movement is smooth, and the game is not a resource hog. Some people had a few hiccups with memory overflows, or performance issues over time, but not in my game.

I started off by building a small little vehicle and zipping though the terrain. That was fun... I spent more time tearing across the landscape dodging trees, rocks and plants until I gave up and began playing pinball with the trees. I rolled the vehicle(s) several times, and ended up upside down. I tried to push it over and the closest I could come to righting it was to have the vehicle standing on its side. So I tried to drill out the ground under the wheels to see if I could use the terrain slope to assist, but it didn't work. Suggestion: Make a method to help right vehicles that have rolled over.

I deleted that vehicle and made another one. I really like the build vision in the game. It is intuitive and really helped to quickly get things going. Also, the linking of the power unit to the wheels was an awesome touch! Hopefully this will be expanded upon in the future as well!

I then went about and tried to crash the game or otherwise cause it to glitch out. Trees were cut, wonky physics defying vehicles were created, and ground was torn up. Besides a couple of clipping issues and a lot of hillarity, the game kept crunching along without a hiccup! It was stable at 1920x1080@60 FPS.

I do look forward to future updates, additional blocks and especially survival mode!

Way to go PN Team!