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Thread: [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Couple of clipping issues

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    [Acknowledged][LOW PRIORITY] Couple of clipping issues

    Been playing PN and have noticed only a couple of clipping issues. Not sure if they really warrant a post, but just in case...

    Game Version 0.31

    OS: Win 7 64 Bit

    Problem 1 - When holding the multi-tool, with either the drill or cutting blade, can walk right through the front of vehicle and stand in the cockpit.
    Problem 2 - Did some terrain deforming with the drill tool (really cool looking by the way. I like that tool), and had a sharp edge angle from the terrain. I could walk through that sharp jutting of terrain, and look through the entire world. The screen went edge to edge view of the interior of the world.

    Reproduce-ability - 1.) Yes, any time I held the multi-tool and walked towards anything.
    2.) Only on sharp angles of terrain jutting out towards you.

    Logs - I don't think I need the logs, but if so, I can provide....

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