1) Lighting looks off right now... tends to make squares on the ground and odd trapezoids. Not sure if bug or just not implemented yet.

2) Game seems very very stable on my rig. Like surprisingly stable. The only hiccups seemed to have been when I tried adding things to a rover I already took the jack off of. I built essentially a clone of the tutorial buggy and after I kicked the jack out I tried to add a pair of lights to it for headlights. The front of the vehicle immediately bobbed up and down like a neurotic chihuahua wanting to nip at my toes. I got in and out and it kept doing it for quite a while. It started to fade but turning the suspension up from soft to hard immediatley fixed it.

3) Wheels need traction control and torque control. I had a hard time climbing even simple inclines though could travel quite fast on most terrain. The wheels weren't slipping, they just couldn;t move the rover up the hill. We should be able to have a setting where we can alter the torque ratio. Adjust back and forth between high torque and slower speed or vice versa.

Most everything else I tested seems to work as intended, though it seems odd such small bushes can take three or four hits from a 4 ton rover without being popped out. Speaking of which I can;t wait to see how trees get handled. The way they pop out and vanish now is hilarious but the overall concept of felling it and chopping it up a-la-farming sim 2015 is pretty cool. Just so long as the time spent justifies the work needed. I don;t want to be a space exploring lumberjack.

Looks good so far. Already better than No Man's Sky.... hehehe