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Thread: Just a slight gap in the ground.

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    Just a slight gap in the ground.

    Had a basic 6 wheeled buggy, was seeing how far i could drive from my starting location and came across a slight gap in the grounds polygons ahead of me. I attempted to turn out of the way but the driftyness of the vehicles made it futile. Slid sideways into the gap and my vehicle rolled left and fell through the world. Everything was white. The game doesn't allow you to quit to menu while falling so was essentially stuck in the game falling towards an invisible center of the planet. After realizing I'd have to ALT-F4 or Ctl-alt-del I decided to let it fall for a bit. Eventually blocks of star texture started to appear and eventually was treated to a very nice skybox with a sphere of grey clouds surrounding me. 10/10 would fall through world again.

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