Hello boys i just tested planet nomads
First of all , the game is technically a bit outdated... texture (grass especially) are kinda low res, even all settings maxed out...
Second of all, digging is not like in the trailer, you min e a big cunk of ground. It's okay tho
Then, the game seems to run fine! It's rare for alphas. I have a i5-4590, a brand new Rx480 and 12GB of ram. 60fps with settings maxed out nearly all the time, no significant drops.
Controls are easier than in space engineers!
Built a little buggy, some trouble with an axis, but it worked at the end.

FIRST SUGGESTION : We should be able to re-add a jack at the bottom of the vehicle one we removed it at the first place :( i watend to add more wheels, they got stuck in the ground, couldnt move the buggy. Had to remove them :(

The game seems very interesting at the end. I'll try on a optimus laptop soon.