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    This is the forum section for all things related to Editor - bugs, ideas for improvement, questions.

    A short video with Editor tutorial:

    Download links for MAC, LINUX & WIN:

    Change logs:


    Version 1.0.10
    - Up/Down arrows for block rotation (improvement for laptop)
    - P key for coloring (improvement for laptop)
    - Error message during saving now shows more information
    - Bug fix: Saving issues after registration
    - Editor remembers last username/email


    Version 1.0.9

    - A whole new login screen
    - Building without login
    - Offline templates


    -A whole new environment, savannah style, nicely populated with trees and some grass.
    -You can now switch between the environments.
    -Frame rate limited to 60 FPS (to cut-down unnecessary GPU load).


    - 5 new blocks added (Big Container, Propeller Blade, Plant Pot, Rover Wheel, Big Cockpit)
    - Another memory usage optimization
    - Loading speed optimization (connected with removing the edges for now)


    This is a nightly build, so there might be bugs included. For this reason the previous version will work as well, so you can revert back in case of troubles.

    - Improved memory optimization = no more memory crashes


    Join our Landing Pod Design Contest!
    Winner's creation will play a major role in the official announcement video! Send your creations till 17th Aug. Check the forum for more details.

    - 3 new blocks added (Thrusters, Interior Wall, Compact 3D printer)
    - Cockpit texture redesigned
    - DuarteFramos' Berserker Track added to templates. Check it out, It's awesome.


    - 5 new blocks (TrackWheel (small and big), Stairs, Refinery, 3DPrinter)
    - Fixed notifications
    - Template creations added


    The white studio became a little boring, so we decided to take the whole set outside!
    Enjoy the new desert background.

    - 5 new blocks (3x solar panels, battery, seat)
    - Key T turns on/off the lights
    - Undo/redo fixed for block position, rotation and coloring
    - Fixed when dragging blocks would go in multiple lines
    - Undo/redo now works for color changes
    - Undo/redo now keeps the original block color


    - 6 new blocks (Open door, closed door, control panel, 3x ladder blocks)
    - Font changed in loading dialogue
    - Default colors changed
    - All windows are floating
    - Block highlighting removed with hidden GUI
    - Save/load notifications added


    5 new blocks added (Excavator, Excavator Holder, Excavator Holder mirrored, Turret Missile and Turret MachineGun)


    Initial release. More building blocks coming soon.
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