From failure we learn!

We can download a blueprint and use it, but than you don't understand how it works.
By building and failing, redesign and failing, you learn what works and what doesn't.
Somebody can tell you that something doesn't work, but by building it yourself you will learn why it doesn't work.
Sadly this doesn't work in the real world, because of money or that we might lose more than we want.
So we sit behind our computer, building things that will only remain digital, you learn something, but you are in the wrong profession to apply it in the real world.

We need a game that simulates the real world with real world problems. So that gamers can zoom in on those problems and can test there ideas and theories to solve those problems. And when a idea works, that it will be applied in the real world.
I think this will give us ultimate satisfaction, by something being build in the real world for every one to use and that it will bring us closer to a resource-based economy.