Hello Nomads,

You have probably noticed that we are moving our activity to Steam forum for some time. Managing two forums as well as tracking bug reports on multiple places is very laborious for us and also a source of fragmentation of information. Not everyone has a full view or all forums and sometimes it seems that some of our issues are held without a response. So we decided to give our community support a new shape.

As more than 99% of you are Steam users, we promote the Steam forum to our number one and only forum. We will keep this forum read-only as a historical reference. To understand, we really appreciate your help here on this forum, but Steam forum is more visible to new players. I hope you will be able to transfer the mood of this forum to Steam discussions, which is sometimes a little less friendly.

We hope that no one of you do have a kind of inner conviction against Steam. You do not need to buy games there, just join the discussions section.

However, forum is not the best tool to manage issues and bug reports. You know, we do not have general overview of what is done and what we need to work on the most. So it is very hard to split people between bugs and features at right proportion. This is why we introduced our new [bug tracking system].

We want to have all bugs registered in one place and only once. So please use the forum for general discussions not error reporting and try to find your issue at first and only if not already reported create a new one. Thank you.

See you on Steam!