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Thread: Some questions

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    Some questions

    First question, how true is the game to it's name? How nomadic can you actually be? Is it possible to make a giant moving base, or does it just glitch into destruction?
    There seems to be some emphasis on settling with things like miners etc. or can those be mobile?

    Speaking of vehicles, how is the repair? If you have a big vehicle and someone is damaged or destroyed, will you have to try and go hunt for that 1 component of 100s that is missing? Or does it have a system for helping you repair it?

    Crafting, how is the crafting? Is there a ton of intermediate things that need to be crafted first, or does the game craft the final components from raw materials without you having to make a ton of intermediate crafting items?

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    Mobile bases work great, wheeled and flying.
    On average players build several bases and travel between them, but you can harvest, and craft as you travel.
    Vehicle damage is not in yet, but is in the works.
    no hunting for components you just find the ores you need to make the parts you want. Some ores are located it more dangerous biomes, but not hard to find.

    Crafting uses a block system, with little need intermediate crafting. You can build anything anywhere; the only time sink comes from the size and complexity of your projects.
    A.I. you try to build Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier it is not going to be quick and easy.

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