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Thread: Option to "deconstruct object" using Blueprint Fabricator

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    Lightbulb Option to "deconstruct object" using Replicator (Blueprint machine)

    Now that we have the ability to create blueprints I'd really like to see a simple function that would allow us to completely remove an object from the world without having to deconstruct it block by block. This would be really useful for deleting large objects after creating blueprints out of them.

    Right now we can click a button to 'create a blueprint' of an en entire object so I propose another button for 'delete an object', or something similar.

    I only intend to use the feature in creative mode so I don't care about losing construction resources. It could be a potentially useful feature in survival too but obviously much more complicated to implement and probably not as useful.

    As a bonus, it would be really cool if we could somehow change the color of an entire object without having to 'repaint' it block by block.
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    Automated dismantling should be a selectable option at the world generation phase like any other difficulty setting. I also like the idea of being able to change the color for the whole grid group at once, maybe it could even be expanded by being able to specify for each used color if and what color it should be changed so that the detail colors don't need to be added again by hand block by block?

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