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Thread: Space Stations;

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    Space Stations;

    Space Stations;
    Inspired by the Tutorial/storytelling start, I have been thinking it would great if players could create and share stories via blending the tutorial, workshop, and the future travel from the 10th monument.

    Imagine you find the main monument and from it you could teleport monument on an empty space Station, space ship, or asteroid.

    I would enjoy building a story, and playing stories others had made.
    Iím guessing Joy (our suitís voice) uses text-to-voice, if true we could create our own scripts.

    Iím also pondering how building could work in survival mode.

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    That would be a very interesting proposition, and could create some serious survival challenge and stress. Would make for some fun potentials on an extended plotline, to help with the whole "what do we do now?" problem that has been discussed elsewhere.

    Imagine if you zip up to a barely functioning ship/station, and have to work out building or repairing to keep or get it pressurized at all times. Limited oxygen capabilities in the suit, so you can only go for short durations outside a pressurized environment, etc. It would add a serious layer of difficulty to building and exploring.

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