I haven’t played Planet Nomads in some time. Not because I’m playing anything else, I have just been very busy. But I like to keep tabs on this gem and its progress. My feedback was sparked by the large amounts of unhelpful and rude comments on Steam. Putting aside the fact that these people’s comments are completely unproductive and unpleasant, not to mention the detriment of the games success as a whole, I think there is something that needs to be addressed… crowd pleasers.

The game is unrivalled when it comes to the flexibility of creating and the realistic physics. I understand that this has been a continued focus for the dev team but I think you already have a sound enough product that exceeds expectations in this area. So why all the complaints?

Ultimately I think the game needs to move its focus onto content rather than perfecting the current mechanics, I would leave that to a later Beta stage. I’m not saying that the latter is not important, but I think a look at the environment in relation to survival in the current roadmap would definitely give the games public opinion a boost. I’m sure many in the community may disagree with the below, but I think these are crowd pleasers that the game needs to be a success.

1) Environment Terrain
I was sad to hear that caverns and ravines are not to be part of the final product, these are elements that should be made to work even if these are no longer randomly generated but rather randomly placed. i.e. huge prebuilt environment chunks which are placed randomly but will be the same every time a new map is generated. What makes environment great is inconsistency, a nice round hill is pleasant, but a nice hill with a massive crack in it is a challenge. Digging underground is a boring experience, but the risk of opening up a cavern with hostile creatures in it is thrilling. I suggest (possible as a branch before moving to Beta) that you consider building one environment map which captures the elements you envisage in the randomly generated worlds. People can choose to play on the non-random world or a random one, what I believe you will find is that a lot of very valuable information will be received from the non-random world providing the right level of dynamicity required for the generator. Everyone would prefer a random generated world, and getting that right is very difficult, but you should not scrap key features like ravines and cliffs because of that.

2) Environment Variables
The environment needs to become more hostile, and not in a suite warning kind of way, but in a scary kind of way such as a distant volcano suddenly erupting sending down debris and damaging your creations, dense fog, acid rain, forest fire, digging and finding a dangerously radioactive source… you know the kind of things we saw in the early video of planet nomads.

3) Environment Animals
So glad to see that the Animal AI is getting a kick in the right direction. I believe that the variety is limiting as well as the fear factor. I suggest considering wondering giants, maybe a mammoth like creature or something that can become a threat independent of the distance from a nest. Creatures that exist only at night, or underground, something that needs you to be in a fast vehicle to outrun. Or being attacked by a giant bird when flying or a sea monster when on a hovercraft… basically the game needs to feel like nature is more of a challenge. I’m not saying that this needs to be taken to an extreme, but currently the nature diversity and hostility is not impressive. Also it would be nice to see the odd living thing once in a while which is non interactive, bugs, flying birds, a shoal of fish just make the environment more believable.

I think its time to move to this level even if what is currently there is not perfect, but the game needs to be a crowd pleaser and I think that these elements will help get the product were it needs to be.

Keep up the good work team!
All the best!