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Thread: [LOW PRIORITY] Bug report tool not working

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    [LOW PRIORITY] Bug report tool not working

    Game Version:
    OS: Linux Mint with Cinnamon (Ubuntu 16.04.5) x64,
    Simple Description: Bug report tool not working
    Detailed Description:
    After clicking "Send" only see "Sending your bug report. Please wait..." message and nothing happens. Also can't cancel report sending and return back to game. I assume that problem here:

    FileNotFoundException: ~/.config/unity3d/Craneballs/PlanetNomads/Player.log does not exist
    Ironically, but this file exists
    Reproducibility: Every time
    How to Reproduce:
    Any additional information:
    Log file:
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    I'm not able to play this game since because it just crashes. Today I tried the update but it's the same problem. I also tried this new "bug report" option, I got the same error as you... I don't think they're interested in linux support anymore

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