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Thread: Renaming things

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    Renaming things

    Hello Nomads!

    I'm noticed if you try to rename something via terminal you can't write "T" because its using the T key as hotkey instead of typing and closes the terminal.
    Sorry if somebody mentions it earlier, I try to search for it before posting but I can't find anything similar reports.

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    Hadn't noticed this to be honest.

    Will have to have a look and see if this is just me never using 't' in the terminal.....or whether the hotkey should be re-mapped at default to something other than a letter, so you can type what you want in the rename menu. Or else just not use a hotkey to close the panel for rename and just use 'Enter' to close it.

    I am sure I have named things 'left' and 'right' before

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    I think I ran into that as well, but it was a quick thing and I didn't put together that it was the "T" closing the terminal - only happened when I was playing around with the terminal interface thinking about potential improvements, and I honestly thought I had bumped something else to cause it.

    Makes total sense, though. Probably just a minor code issue, where the hotkey to open/close is higher priority than the "text entry" mode when renaming. Hopefully an easy thing to adjust for the devs, all depends on how deeply embedded the interface behavior code is.

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