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Thread: Severe Conveyor Lag

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    Severe Conveyor Lag

    I didn't post this to bugs, but it may be. It could be just my system limitations or it could be an optimization issue in the game.

    I have found that when I have a large system with lots of conveyors, I start getting a game freeze/severe lag when I connect a conveyor section to an already existing conveyor grid. I can build conveyors all over and quickly EXCEPT when I connect to an existing (working) conveyor grid. Even the wireframe is no issue to build; it is just a problem when you actually skin it.

    It seems like it takes a long time for the system to update the conveyor grid to include the new section.

    For example, I have a large grid of mining rigs set up and linked to containers and generators. I tried building a group of medium 3d printers and hooking up conveyors to them using the wireframes of the conveyors to line everything up. I can skin all the conveyors instantly except the one section of conveyor that connects to the original conveyor grid. Game freezes for up to 2 minutes while it updates and the time seems to grow with each addition.

    I am using an 8 core cpu, 16GB of RAM, and a GTX 980 graphics card. Anyone else experience this?

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    It used to be a problem in 2017 when we opened inventories which contained many items (either one container with all the items from old worlds, after wipe, or many connected containers)
    I thought developers optimized the game logic as I saw fewer reports on this topic this year.
    Maybe it is a different problem, as described by you, related to connecting two conveyor networks.

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    This is an ongoing issue but it is much improved since earlier this year. It used to be that even opening a large grid of connected containers took a VERY long time (there's still a noticeable delay, but nothing like it used to be.)

    Welding/skinning/completing a printer or container (or a conveyor section that connects them) onto to a large conveyor grid still takes a long, long time. On very large grids, it can take a minute or two, but that's much better than it used to be. Before the improvements, I once waited a full hour for a conveyor section on a very large grid to complete!

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