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Thread: Question for Devs: why does nest choice...

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    Question for Devs: why does nest choice...

    When you make a new start with custom there is a list of things to set up. These things affect the whole planet.. Except for nest spawn. For some reason nest spawn only affects the immediate area around the escape pod. Why? If I choose low density it means I want low density planet-wide. Why can I not have that?

    I did test this out by setting up a NO NEST save and still there were loads of nests across the planet.

    Is there a reason it does not carry across the planet like the other settings do?


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    How can it be that nobody noticed?
    Maybe people like to see animals and set them to peaceful instead.
    Or maybe is a recent change?

    The roadmap states that animals will not be anymore bound to nests.
    Will the nests disappear completely in the survival updates? Or will the nests remain undefended?

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