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Thread: Radio & other decor items

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    Radio & other decor items

    In my opinion it would be a great idea to put a radio gadget in the game which can play music (from a folder from your computer) in an area (like in real life). And in addition other decor items for your base (like flowers pictures lava lamps sculptures etc.) would be great i think.
    Some kind of labeling thing would be nice too, boards in different sizes that you can put above your doors (or anywhere you want of course) and name the rooms, vehicles etc.
    I know that there are much important things to put in the game first but these little things makes it better too.

    Sorry for my english i hope its clear what i want to say anyway.
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    If the lava lamp is added, maybe a special place could also be created where strange things happen... something like a lava lamp effect but at a larger scale, like 10m high.

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