So... you've spent all day building an impressive structure, filling it with fabulous machines, putting conveyors between them and getting everything powered up.

Now, wouldn't it be nice if you could sit back and relax a bit? Take a load off while the machines do a bit of the fabrication of parts automatically. Simply tell your shiny new control console that you want to maintain an minimum quantity of 200 basic frames, 100 electronic circuits and 100 of those other shiny bits (who's name you can't remember while you're at work goofing off typing in a game forum...), so that you don't have to constantly run back and forth pushing buttons.

Anyhow guys... the idea would be that through a system controller, we could set the minimum quantities of items to keep in stock (and maybe the priority level of each item so it knows what is more important should the system run low on resources). It could be a pretty simple device (it could look kind of like the new control console and the old terminal had a child together). The graphical interface could just be a drag and drop list of all the manufactured components (drag up/down the list to set priority and enter the minimum quantity in a box next to each item). There could also be a new wiring component necessary to wire up the machines to this system to make them "smart".

An extension of this logic system could go to the player's suit and whenever they request to build an item, it orders the factory to build the required components. This would require that the player is operating within the coverage of an item dispenser that is hooked to the relevant production systems.

Finally, one item to other item to add into the mix would be a display system that could be built in the manufacturing plant that you could set to display the quantity of selected items in the system. Setup the device to select which items you want to display the quantities of and the system would just run a "video loop" kind of display showing all the things you've chosen. Nifty!

All this logic and control gloriousness can be yours... you just have to beg the devs for it. So c'mon people! Start begging!

- - - Updated - - -

I apologize to EvilGuard... I hadn't fully read your post before posting this and now realize that this is basically what you are requesting as well.

I guess great minds think alike.

So... if you're reading this. Go read EvilGuard's posting down below as well. He said it first.