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Thread: Long Corner Window Needed

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    Long Corner Window Needed

    Hello Team,

    Can we please add a long corner window to line up with the corner and straight windows?

    As you can see here:

    I have a hole in the corners.

    Thank you

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    Some shorter or longer windows would be a plus too. Something half the size or the full size of a foundation/float would be ideal.

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    I love the new windows, but have a few suggestions as to how they could be more useful:

    - Make the window frames paintable (the color shows up in the wireframe but when actually built the frame is always brown and can't be recolored)
    - Add square windows that are the same widths as ceiling tiles and/or base foundations
    - Add hit boxes to the top and bottom surfaces of the window and/or window frame (currently if you use windows as flooring, you can't build anything on them!)
    - Add window cubes (like glass blocks)
    - Add a base foundation with an angled corner to match profile of angled window block

    After all, the environment in Planet Nomads is so gorgeous, why not build from glass as much as possible!

    Thanks for a great game!

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    So I haven't had time to play lately but now I jumped back in and wanted to see if I can build a bridge for a large ship with lots of glass. Well, I can't. At least not in the way I wanted to.

    It is not possible to build a larger angled window as the sloped windows don't connect. Unless you do something like this, which is not really pleasing to the eye:

    Also not possible to make a "large corner" as the blocks can only placed like this:

    And at last, the issue Xaosmaster already mentioned:

    I know these are not the most pressing issues, but if the windows could be tweaked a bit to address these, that would be really nice Especially the 3rd one.
    I made screenshots: \o/

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