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Thread: [Low Priority] colision boxes are overly large for placement.

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    [Low Priority] colision boxes are overly large for placement.

    versions : all

    collision boxes for placement and phisics of objects like stairs and round pipes take up squared surface area rather that closer to objects size.

    round objects have a square placement and phisics foot print. pipes for example can not be made in to hinges as they are treated as a square object when placing other objects around them. stairs take up one base foundation by 3 thick or so even though they are a diag object.

    these kinds of oddities make it hard to consolidate space when building or to make interesting things since there is more space taken then needed. I could make treds close if pipes could be used as a linchpin or a drawbridge.

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    Developers have to do a better job with colliders.
    Round objects should roll easily, to be a pleasure to watch the physics at work!

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