Game Version:
OS: Windows 10
Simple Description: Multitool Fires randomly
Detailed Description: The Multitool will randomly fire short bursts (left click). This has resulted in a number of random (unwanted) terrain holes.
Reproducibility: Occasionally/Random
How to Reproduce: Seems to happen most frequently when exiting a vehicle.
Any additional information: Save and quit to menu and continue will stop the multitool from firing at random when this happens
Log file:

While this is not a game-breaking bug, it can have some serious impact, as there is no means to restore terrain that has been dug out by the multitool. It also does not happen with any predictable consistency. It is worth noting that these random blasts do not produce a visible beam, nor does firing the multitool intentionally cause it to stop. Firing the alternate mode (right-click) also does not stop this, and the red beam appears as an extremely thin beam, for only a fraction of a second before it resumes firing the primary mode rapidly.

Audio is almost unnoticeable due to the short duration of these blasts.