Hellow good people of Planet Nomads,

first of all, let me tell you that the game is great. You guy's are doing a great job so far. You know, i've been playing a couple game and there's one important part that are mostly often forgotten about. Item Management. People often think it's not really important. Well, i'm here to tell you why it's important and how you guy's could improve upon the system you already have. Because it's pretty awesome already.

So, why is item management is important? Well, because the more "complex" it can get, the more complex we can build. And trust me, LOT of player enjoy to build complex system when they can. Automating system is fun, and the best part of it? It doesn't need to be complex at all.

When i set-up a system i want to know exactly what it does which mean i need to know where to add item, where it goes, when it goes, why it goes... You got the idea. This could be done with some news item.

Collector Conveyor : An item that empty any container it is attached too. It would be useful to create a drop box where you can unload your stuff and it would be sent into the system.

Requester Conveyor : An item that request item for any purpose. Storing, crafting, or refuelling a vehicle. This requester would let you decide what item is requested by also how many of them are requested. You could even make different tier of it to request more item.

Filter Conveyor : An item that let pass only item that are selected. Which would let you dedicate a box for storing specific item.

Logistic Conveyor connector : An item that would allow you to control machine to start crafting item when they are needed. If a requester conveyor ask for an item that isn't available, and if a Logistic conveyor is connected to a machine, it start the craft.

So, that make 4 Little item. Which you could add to some of them some remote system and such if you want to. But how does that make the game better? well, it give the player the ability build complex system to help in their daily task. You could take a vehicle to go collect mining resource, bring it, and the connect the vehicle to a conveyor collector. Which send item to the right place, which make it easier to manage what is there or not. what resource is missing. Then the Requester send some fuel to the vehicle along with some building material so you can build mining site on the run.

It's only 4 items that can make the complexity of build way more fun. And it could also add more item to craft. Each machine could, for example, require a logistic card to be able to work with a logistic conveyor. That would help a lot! There's a lot of thing i'd like to see in the game. but those 4 item's is what i'd like to have pretty soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day