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Thread: New Player Feedback

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    New Player Feedback

    Hi All.
    I have played this game in Survival mode for about 20 hours of game time and I am loving what I see here. I am a big fan of sandbox building games.

    This is so far shaping up to be a great game in it's own right, but you can't help but compare it to Space Engineers as the two games are very similar. That being said, there is one thing about this game that stands out and that is the story. I was very thrilled to find out that there is a mystery on this planet by finding datapads at wrecks all over the world, it made me want to explore just to learn more about what is going on.

    With SE, building was off the charts as far as what you could do, but there really wasn't anything else to 'do' in the worlds except mine more stuff to build more stuff. And while that is fun, it gets old. You guys are off to a great start with the planet mysteries and I hope you really flesh that part out as it is very exciting to me.

    Of course, with my SE background, I am going to point out the following things that are lacking on the build side that hopefully are being implemented at some point.:

    1. Weapons, weapons, weapons... Those rock slug things are a real pain in early game. They always seem to be near the good mining boulders and they are so much stronger than me. It would be cool to have some sort of weapon better than the tool. Maybe something that can stun them long enough to mine a node. Also mounted guns for vehicles and bases would be cool.

    2. Biomass. I love the way you can automate most things in this game, but there is one glaring weakness and that is biomass. Now I know that there are a million trees and plants around and biomass is easy to come by, but there is currently nothing you can set up (that I can see) with conveyors to automatically produce it.

    3. Water. I see that there is a water pump building in the game, but that doesn't help very much when you spawn a long ways away from a water body. It would be nice to have some sort of 'well' to be able to produce dirty water from the ground.

    4. Connector. I absolutely LOVE the way the connector (Item dispenser) works in this game, but how about the reverse of it? It would be cool to have specific items to be automatically pulled off your inventory and into a container attached to your conveyor system. So basically, the item dispenser could have a setup where you can whitelist/blacklist items and set it to drain or export. How cool would it be to have your food, water, bandages, and batteries automatically replenished when you return to base? And on that note...

    5. Food, Water, batteries, medical: imho, these should have there own space in your suit, with dedicated hotkeys instead of taking up space on your hotbar. Slots in your suit where you can add the consumable of your choice. Swapping them back and forth between building materials is a bit tedious.

    6. Vehicle hotbar. There should be a separate hotbar while you are driving that can contain things like: Lights , Wheel Traction, Suspension, Winch, Weapons (if implemented); basically any setting that can be changed on the vehicle should be able to go into a hotbar slot.

    7. Electricity. I have discovered troubleshooting electrical problems can sometimes be a nightmare. Not because of the difficulty of setup, but because of the invisible, ethereal wiring system. This is one area that Space Engineers does better. There, as long as power touches a block, any connected block on that grid transfers electricity. I am not sure what the design intent here is for needing all these switch junctions. Maybe they are the building block for some future system and it will all make sense in time?

    8. Conveyor system. While this is off to a fantastic start, there needs to be a way to tell the system where to store items and when to move them. For instance, my Uranium Generator; I would like to see all the produced Enriched Uranium actually in the generator instead of it being in a container. I found my base to be powerless the other day and couldn't figure out why the Enriched Uranium I had in storage wasn't being pulled into the generator. Turns out it was because the power grid going down caused a chain reaction where nothing was moving. If the Enriched was actually placed in the generator holding queue, than I would know it was actually working, and also it would ensure that the generator would keep running in case power went screwy. Also there is not much in the way of automation of producers. It would be cool if, say I had Uranium in storage and a refinery and generator attached, the system would automatically refine the uranium if the generator needs some.

    Keep up the good work. This is my new favorite time waster ;)
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