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Thread: Outsider Suggestion

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    Outsider Suggestion


    I was wondering what is the future of this game?
    Look like an interesting game to buy, i just like to know what the future plans are.
    Seem to have potential.

    I'll ask some basic.

    1. Will there be some torrent added?
    2. Will there be more enemy?
    3. Will there be more weapons or weapons add-on to your multi-tool?
    4. Will the water be more inhabited as well as being deeper? like creature, plants as well as water base resources.
    5. Will the water be done so to allow under water construction?/ if water will not go though structure then something like a pump or compressor could be use to pump or push out any remaining water.
    6. Will there be water vehicles?
    7. Will there be something like a monorail that could be added to be able to transport goods on it own from location from location? "i like how planet explorer did there monorail" Even multiple sensor to be place on the ground or air for current vehicles to follow.

    If major changes are not being done to the current game will there be a expansion to take care of major changes?

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    Hello Falien, and welcome to the forum.

    1,2&3. Yes, but don’t aspect them to turn this inti a combat game.
    (They started PN to have equally Explore, Survive, & Build. The vast majority of the earn-access player turn out to favor building, so that got the majority of dev time. But they just finish updating to Unity 2018 and adding a workshop, so they will turn their focus to Explore & Survive.
    4&5 likely way down the road, personally I don’t see how they could compete with Subnautica, so no need to try at this time.
    6. you can build water vehicles now, but like all vehicles you must build them from parts. PN’s building system it like Lagos, you can build anything anywhere. (most players tend to favor airship, I have done both many times.)
    7. players have built them, it is a true design challenge.
    Major changes are being done, and it has been a fun ride with only one wide in over a year. But with the high replay value, it is fun to start over.

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    thanks for the fast reply

    Am aware underwater build will not come near subnautica.
    Subnautica does seem to be an interesting game to play and is on my list.

    That given underwater play would add more depth to the game.
    As well as if there was needed resources that is so deep down the depth and you need a base to get to it.

    A challenge to get to some resource site does seem exciting.

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