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Thread: My Airbase becomes non physical after I exit the game. HIGH PRIORITY

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    My Airbase becomes non physical after I exit the game. HIGH PRIORITY

    Game Version:
    OS: Windows 10 64-bit version 1803 installed 03/07/2018
    Simple Description: Airbase becomes non physical after game exit
    Detailed Description: I built a large air base and after starting it and and releasing it from the jack or hover pad its fine to use and responds like it should but as soon as I exit the game it appears in game but I can float though it and cannot interact with any aspect of it in any way.
    this does not seem to affect my small flyer or medium land base I built earlier.
    Start Airbase so it does not crash onto ground/crush player character
    Remove Jack/hover jack/solid block to release the vehicle.
    Fly test vehicle works fine.
    Exit game and reload save file or continue game options.
    Airbase is no longer able to be interacted with in any way other than be able to see it.
    Player character can fly though vehicle structure without any ability to interact with it.
    My Other Vehicles are unaffected by this issue.

    Any additional information:
    This doesnt affect any other blocks
    Log file:
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