Please post the severity of your bug in the thread title.
[EXTREME PRIORITY] = 100% unplayable. EG: Can't launch, instant crash, constant violent flickering all the time, cant generate worlds/load any saves
[HIGH PRIORITY] = Game is playable, but commonly used important features don't work. EG: Vehicle falls through world, vehicles flying off into space.
[MED PRIORITY] = Game is playable, but important features don't work. EG: Wheels cant be placed next to each other, suspension wobbly, heavy vehicles have trouble moving
[LOW PRIORITY] = Game is playable, but minor features don't work. EG: Lights flicker, sounds looping, minor UI glitches

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Game Version: Version
OS: Windows 10/OSX 10.11.16/Ubuntu 14.10, etc
Simple Description: Simple Description
Detailed Description: Detailed Description
Reproducibility: Every time/Occasionally/Never
How to Reproduce: Steps to reproduce
Any additional information: Info
Log file:

After pasting, add any information you can. Here is an example:

Game Version: 0.3.1
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Simple Description: Drilling wheels will cause them to explode.
Detailed Description: Using the hand drill on wheels while they are attached to a vehicle will cause them to explode, injuring the player and damaging blocks near them. This only affects the large wheels
Reproducibility: Every time
How to Reproduce:
Place a wheel block on a vehicle
Equip the standard hand drill
Use the hand drill on the wheel
The wheel will explode after about a second of drilling
Any additional information:
This doesnt affect any other blocks
Log file: