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Thread: Falling damage

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    Falling damage

    Hi devs,

    When I was playing survival, I remember I was annoyed by the damage I was taking when I was falling from a low altitude.

    The part which I loved was that the depleted jet-pack creates a jump boost and using it was able to climb steep surfaces.
    When used for climbing the feature is a good game mechanic.
    The problem is that if this boosted jump happens on horizontal surface, the height is big enough to cause fall damage.

    And that is annoying because:
    - often it causes a second damage, after an almost successful landing
    - in cold or warm environments, health has a different recovery algorithm

    You know maybe how the Minecraft players run jumping, to cover a distance faster...
    That is possible in this game too. I was able to run away from Godillos even when I was too tired to run by pressing the space bar with correct timing
    But is very difficult and a small mistake leads to more damage.

    Maybe it sounds funny that I play survival in this game but this is what I like.
    And new players with low tier equipment will possibly encounter this too.

    Is this intended? If yes, what is the balancing reason behind it?


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    Learn to tap the jump button momentarily, just before landing. The jet output slows your descent, and you take little or no damage.

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